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Is your home insurance hurricane ready?
Pensacola News Journal-Aug 17, 2017

Does my policy cover the contents of my fridge when the power goes out? Will my policy cover a tree that went down in my yard? What if my tree falls in my neighbor’s yard; does my policy have to cover that?

Homeowners Insurance: Law and lessons (Part 2)
Communities Digital News-Aug 20, 2017

Today, we’ll discuss two very common forms of home insurance, HO-2 “Broad Form” and HO-3 “Special Form” coverage. Termed HO-2 and HO-3, these are the most common forms of homeowners insurance policies today, focusing on “what is covered” in the event of a loss due to catastrophes such as fire, theft, hail, hurricane, falling objects and the like. These two forms are used for detached single family houses as well as townhouses and row houses.

Does the insurance on your home and contents cover what it should?
The Telegraph-Aug 8, 2017

An important thing to remember is when you buy a policy it is at replacement cost to rebuild the structure not the market value of the home. In this market, replacement cost in most cases is higher than the market price of the home.

Flood insurance 101: Eight facts about covering your home and …
KTRK-TV-Aug 23, 2017

When is flood insurance mandatory?
Do I really need flood insurance?

Chicago Startup Wants To Help You Buy Home Insurance With an App
Skyline-Aug 18, 2017

Kin Insurance, which was founded by Sean Harper, Lucas Ward, Jason Heidcamp, and Sebastian Villareal, is merging the insurance world and the digital age. Kin is making it easier than ever to insure a home, and the company’s app is targeted primarily to Millennials and those who may have no idea what they’re doing. These entrepreneurs believe Millennial home buyers will be more comfortable buying insurance through an app than in person.

In the aftermath of the recent Torch Tower fire, Careem is working with insurance provider ServiceMarket as a survey revealed that 90% of Dubai residents do not have home insurance.